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Who We Are

Best People

Develop and recruit young and hungry players who are committed to the game and are capable of meeting the demands of playing at the very highest level.

Best Practices

Inspire a coaching and support service that continually strives to leading standards through a dynamic, hardworking and solution led approach.

Best Provision

Develop Young Champions who are hardworking, respectful and disciplined in their approach to life through an integrated and multi- disciplinary approach

Welcome To Delaware Football Club

DEFC was created, as an avenue for elite boys and girls in the area to compete at the highest level possible. The DEFC concept comes at a time of great changes in US Soccer. We felt the need to evolve with this emerging landscape and provide a strategic vision to keep pace with the rate of these changes. While we believe our member member clubs continue to provide a great benefit to all young soccer players in our region, with DEFC we are adding another avenue of iopportunity and challenge for all players.


Player Selection:

DEFC is a Zone 2 club (U13-18). Teams are initially formed when players move to the 11-a-side field. Each of our member clubs identify players in the Zone 1 stage (U6-12) in a developmental league specifically designed for our younger children. This initial development-minded league is free from long tdistance travel to play games, free from the pressure of a win at all cost mentality, and children are free to express themselves in a fun and positive environment. However, players from other Zone 2 clubs are free to join DEFC at the Zone 2(U13-18) stage through our player identification dates at all our Zone 2(U13-18) age groups.

For more information about ID dates, please visit our Player ID page.


DEFC Social Media Channels:

The DEFC website and social media channels are a great way to learn more about the many fun times and events happening with our DEFC teams.

You can also find us on Instagram at delawarefootballclub or Twitter @DelawareFC