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Meet Defne Elbeyli

Meet Defne Elbeyli - DEFC 04 Girls - Midfielder

Q. How did you get started in soccer?
DE: I started playing soccer when I was about three or four. My dad played soccer, and he helped coach me since I was little. I’ve loved the game ever since then.

Q. What do you love so much about the game?
DE: I love being part of it and being able to contribute to the team.

Q. What other sports did you play growing up?
DE: I played basketball, tennis, volleyball, and I did swimming and karate. Currently, I also play volleyball and basketball along with soccer.

Q. Who is your favorite soccer player?
DE: My favorite soccer player would be N’Golo Kanté. This is because he controls the midfield well and also because my family and I constantly watch the English Premier League.

Q. Besides soccer, what do you do for fun?
DE: I like to paint, play outside, play other sports with my friends and family, and do gardening

Q. What is your favorite pre-game meal?
DE: My favorite pre-game meal is an egg, some toast, and a banana.

Q. How would your team-mates describe you in 3 words?
DE: My teammates would probably describe me as hardworking, dependable, and committed

Q. What is the best part of playing soccer?
DE: The best part of playing soccer is, being outside with my friends, and trying to achieve something together as a team.

Q. What has been your best moment, so far this season?
DE: My best moment so far this season was scoring the game winning goal in the last minutes at Keystone Cup final

Q. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
DE: IIn ten years, I would like to play soccer on a college level and maybe play soccer in different countries.