The News Journal recently came out with an article ranking the top 32 high school players in the state of Delaware. 15 of the players listed are Delaware FC alumni with many of them starting in our Recreational program.  Tatnall Senior Evan Cox (ranked #21) currently plays in Delaware FC’s competitive program.

The following is a list of players recognized by the News Journal that are Delaware FC alumni: 

#31 – Caesar Lopez, St. Georges
#30 – Chaz Manolakos, jr., Friends
#27 – Lance McNally, jr., Appo
#25 – Michael Cooke, jr., Caravel
#21. Evan Cox, sr., Tatnall
#18. Alessio Cristanetti-Walker,
 jr., Wilmington Friends
#17. Jonathan Lennon, jr., St. Mark’s
#15. Caelin Campbell, sr., Newark Charter
#13. Cole Stitik, jr., Charter of Wilmington
#11. Liam McDermott, sr., Salesianum
#10. Miguel Sanchez, sr., St. Georges
#8. Reese Peddrick, sr., Salesianum
#7. Bruno Yeh, sr., Wilmington
#4. Miles Hood, jr., Caravel

Congratulations to all of our Delaware FC alumni and players on your achievement!