For more than 30 years, Delaware FC Hockessin, formerly Delaware Rush Soccer Club (DE Rush), has had the mission of providing soccer for all. Our club is focused on serving the Hockessin, DE soccer community with a great learning atmosphere and fun environment to enjoy the beautiful game.


  • Return to play is 100% voluntary.
  • Player waiver/health questionnaire must be completed prior to attendance of each practice. Parents must complete form on the day of and just prior to attending each session. The Health Check form is located on the scheduled event in TeamSnap.
  • Teams are permitted to play scrimmages and games
  • Teams may attend leagues and tournaments 
  • Spectators (Practice)
    • For competitive players and recreational players U10 and older, parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up or stay in their car, if must stay at the fields.
    • For younger players, parents are encouraged to remain on-site in their car. If parents do come out to the fields, a mask is required. Social distancing protocols apply.
  • Spectators (Games)
    • Spectators must wear a mask and must practice social distancing at all times.
  • Players should still come to and leave from practice wearing a mask
  • Players should practice social distancing whenever possible on and off the field.
  • Game Play Rules
    • During practice sessions
      • No one should touch balls with their hand, other than GK's.
      • No throw-ins.... when the ball goes out of play, kick-ins should be used to restart play.
      • No purposeful heading activities, though heading in the flow of play is allowed (u12 and Older)
    • During games
      • Throw ins are allowed
      • Heading is allowed (U12 and older)
  • No high fives, hugs, etc.
  • No Spitting
  • No sharing of equipment pinnies, shin guards, water bottles, uniforms, etc.
  • No bleachers or benches will be available. Personal seats should be used. 
  • Intensified cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation within our facilities and premises
  • If a player or parent from your club contracts the virus, you must notify the club. You will provided protocols to remove self from activities and to plan a safe return to play.

Register with confidence. We are planning a season that is safe for your players health and for your money. With Covid safety protocols in place, we expect to have a great season! If the season needs to be cancelled due to Covid 19, full refunds will be provided again. Just as they were in the Spring.

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