Delaware FC Hockessin

Competitive Tryouts for the 2021/2022 Season

Coronavirus Update: Tryout Interest Form

As we continue to keep a close eye on the impacts of the Coronavirus, the ability to hold competitive tryouts in the near future appears unlikely. So, we are beginning to form teams.

If you would like to receive information related to next year's team and the team formation process, please complete the player interest form.

There is NO FEE required to complete the Tryout Interest Form.

Tryout Information

  • All players interested in Delaware FC Competitive Teams must attend all tryouts for their respective age group.
  • All players must register online 24 hours prior to their first scheduled tryout date.
  • There will be a $20 tryout registration fee that will be collected online via credit card at the time of online registration.  Players are only allowed to participate in tryouts if the $20 fee is paid. Check in will start 30 minutes prior to the tryout start time.
  • Offers will be made following the 2nd tryout. Players must be ready to commit to Delaware FC for the 2021 / 2022 soccer year following the 2nd tryout.
  • *The 3rd tryout (Supplemental Tryouts) will be used to fill any open slots within Delaware FC teams.  All players are expected to attend this tryout regardless if they have committed to a Delaware FC team or not. Players who have missed the previous two tryouts and are still looking for a team are encouraged to attend.
  • Players and Parents with any questions regarding our Program can reach out to the Director of Coaching contacts listed below.

Missing Tryouts? Interested in joining Mid-Season?

  • It is important for any player (current or new) who will not be able to attend one or all tryout sessions for their age group need to notify us of this.
  • Please contact Tom Antonelli at or call the Delaware FC Hockessin (formerly Delaware Rush/Hockessin Soccer Club) office at 302-234-1444 and speak to a Delaware FC Administrator.
  • Players new to the area who miss tryouts can be evaluated on an individual basis at any time of the year. If you have moved to town after tryouts, please call the office at 302-234-1444 to schedule an evaluation.


All Tryouts will be held at Smith Estate Fields:

740 Evanson Road
Hockessin, DE 19707

Zone 1 Tryouts (U9-U12)

Age Group Birth Year Tryout #1 Tryout #2 Tryout #3*
U9 Girls 2013
U9 Boys 2013
U10 Girls 2012
U10 Boys 2012
U11 Girls 2011
U11 Boys 2011
U12 Girls 2010
U12 Boys 2010

Zone 2 Tryouts (U13-U19)

Age Group Birth Year Tryout #1 Tryout #2 Tryout #3*
U13 Girls 2009
U13 Boys 2009
U14 Girls 2008
U14 Boys 2008
U15 Girls 2007
U15 Boys 2007
U16 Girls 2006
U16 Boys 2006
U17 Girls 2005
U17 Boys 2005
U18/19 Girls 03/04
U18/19 Boys 03/04

Zone 1 Coaching Staff and Assigments


Zone 1 Director of Coaching (U9-U12)
Justin Romano -


2021/2022 Coaching Assignments - Zone 1 (U9-U12)

Team Coach
2013 DFC Hockessin Boys TBD
2013 DFC Hockessin Boys - Black TBD
2013 DFC Wilmington Boys TBD
2012 DFC Hockessin Boys TBD
2012 DFC Hockessin Boys - Black TBD
2012 DFC Wilmington Boys TBD
2011 DFC Hockessin Boys TBD
2011 DFC Hockessin Boys - Black TBD
2011 DFC Wilmington Boys TBD
2010 DFC Hockessin Boys TBD
2010 DFC Hockessin Boys - Black TBD
2010 DFC Wilmington Boys TBD
2013 DFC Hockessin Girls TBD
2013 DFC Wilmington Girls TBD
2012 DFC Hockessin Girls TBD
2012 DFC Wilmington Girls TBD
2011 DFC Hockessin Girls TBD
2011 DFC Wilmington Girls TBD
2010 DFC Hockessin Girls TBD

Zone 2 Coaching Staff and Assigments

Zone 2 Director of Coaching (U13-U19)
Scott Mosier -

2021/2022 Coaching Assignments - Zone 2 (U13-U19)
Team Coach
2009 DFCH Boys TBD
2008 DFCH Boys TBD
2007 DFCH Boys TBD
2006 DFCH Boys TBD
2005 DFCH Boys TBD
2003/2004 DFCH Boys TBD
2009 DFCH Girls TBD
2008 DFCH Girls TBD
2007 DFCH Girls TBD
2006 DFCH Girls TBD
2005 DFCH Girls TBD
2003/2004 DFCH Girls TBD


Returning players, your evaluation has been an ongoing process since last August when the soccer year began. Each day whether the player has been training or playing in a game the team coach is evaluating their soccer abilities and their commitment to their team. Your placement on the team for the next year is determined mostly by their overall performance during the previous year’s play. Going into the tryouts, the Technical Staff will have a fair idea were the returning players fit when comparing their abilities. The tryout sessions are specifically used to compare returning players to any new players who attend the tryout sessions. Therefore we strongly recommend that players, returning and new, attend as many of the tryout sessions as possible to give themselves the best opportunity to be evaluated against all of their peers.

Each tryout session will last for approximately an hour and a half and will consist of small-sided games such as 4v4 or 7v7 and full-sided games. When evaluating players during the season or at the tryout sessions, the Technical Staff evaluate each player in four different areas: technical (skill), tactical (decision making) speed of play, physical (abilities), and the competitive psychological traits of the player. In the first three areas identified above each player is evaluated on the speed to which they can execute skill with success, decide when and what to do and their movement around the field. In the fourth area, psychological competitiveness, each player is evaluated on their competitive toughness: Focus, work rate and willingness to learn.

The technical staff will place every player that wants to participate in our program for the upcoming year based on the number of players who want to be placed and their ability level. In placing every player only their abilities, the players and their families commitment and if the family is in good financial standing with the club will be the factors used. All placements will be determined by which level of play best suits the ability of each player. At the conclusion on the 2nd tryout, the Technical Staff will compare and contrast each player’s abilities in each age group. Each player will then be placed on either a competitive team or recommended for our recreational program. Notification of team placement will be made by a Delaware FC Hockessin's Technical Staff representative following the 2nd tryout session. This notification will be done via e-mail. At this point each player/family has 24 Hours to accept or reject the offer. An email response is requested and preferred. If we do not receive a response we assume you are not accepting and the team spot will be offered it to the next player on our list.


Why DEFC Hockessin

  • We been a prominent Soccer club and served the youth in Delaware for 30 years.
  • We pride ourselves on having one of the top coaching staffs in the area with many former professional and collegiate players  as well as former and current college coaches. Many of the coaches are also licensed coaches thru the NSCAA and USSF.
  • Smith Estates is our home training facility for and is known as the some of best natural Bermuda grass fields in the area. Smith Estates also has an all season artificial turf field to provide a superior training and game environment.
  • Our Club emphasizes the importance of establishing a family atmosphere within the club with its players, families, coaches and staff.
  • Club focus is on player technical development and enjoyment of soccer instead of focus on match results for our Zone 1 (U9-U12) program, puts our players in best environment to have success and enjoy the game in the long run.
  • Goalkeeper training curriculum conducted by professional GK staff available throughout the year.
  • We are one of the top clubs in the Tri-state area. Many of our teams have enjoyed success at the local, state, regional and national levels.

Contact Us

Zone 1 Director of Coaching (U9-U12)
Justin Romano -

Zone 2 Director of Coaching - Boys and Girls (U13-U19)
Scott Mosier -