2020 - 2021 Competitive Tryouts

Interested In Joining Mid-Season?

It is important for any player (current or new) who will not be able to attend one or all tryout sessions for their age group need to notify us of this.

Please contact our Delaware FC Wilmington Director of Coaching, Tyler Bastianelli at tbastianelli@delawarefc.org.

Players new to the area who miss tryouts can be evaluated on an individual basis at any time of the year. If you have moved to town after tryouts, please email us and we will schedule an evaluation ID Session with the team.


All Tryouts will be at 76ers Fieldhouse:

401 Garsches Lane
Wilmington, DE 19801

Zone 1 Tryouts (U9-U12)

Age GroupBirth YearTryout #1Tryout #2Tryout #3Location
U9 Girls2012TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U9 Boys2012TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U10 Girls2011TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U10 Boys2011TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U11 Girls2010TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U11 Boys2010TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U12 Girls2009TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse
U12 Boys2009TBDTBDTBA76ers Fieldhouse

If you have a question about joining us before our Spring 2020 Tryouts for the 2020-2021 Season, please email Director of Coaching Tyler Bastianelli, tbastianelli@delawarefc.org

Coaching Staff and Assignments

Technical Director
Scott Mosier - smosier@delawarefc.org

Director of Coaching
Tyler Bastianelli - tbastianelli@delawarefc.org 

Why DFC Wilmington

  • Our sister club, Delaware FC Hockessin has been a prominent Soccer club and served the youth in Delaware for 30 years.
  • We pride ourselves on having one of the top coaching staffs in the area with many former professional and collegiate players  as well as former and current college coaches. Many of the coaches are also licensed coaches thru the NSCAA and USSF.
  • Our Club emphasizes the importance of establishing a family atmosphere within the club with its players, families, coaches and staff.
  • Club focus is on player technical development and enjoyment of soccer instead of focus on match results for our Zone 1 (U9-U12) program, puts our players in best environment to have success and enjoy the game in the long run.
  • Goalkeeper training curriculum conducted by professional GK staff available throughout the year.
  • We are one of the top clubs in the Tri-state area. Many of our teams have enjoyed success at the local, state, regional and national levels.
Delaware FC Wilmington Soccer Club - Tryouts

Delaware Football Club

Delaware Football Club was created through a collaboration with 3 prominent clubs from Delaware; Delaware Rush Hockessin Soccer Club (now named Delaware FC Hockessin!), Delaware Union and Kirkwood Soccer Clubs and now Delaware FC Wilmington is the newest core club!

Delaware FC was formed as an avenue for elite boys and girls in the area to compete at the highest level possible. The Delaware FC concept comes at a time of great changes in US Soccer.

We felt the need to evolve with this emerging landscape and provide a strategic vision to keep pace with the rate of these changes. While we believe our member member clubs continue to provide a great benefit to all young soccer players in our region, with DEFC we are adding another avenue of opportunity and challenge for all players.


Technical Director
Scott Mosier, smosier@delawarefc.org

Director of Coaching
Tyler Bastianelli, tbastianelli@delawarefc.org