Game 1 Recap

Delaware FC ‘03’s vs. Arsenal Academy (CO) (3-1 WIN)

Goal Scorer(s): Izzy Binko, Mackenzie Hennessy (2)

Delaware FC started off the National League with the reigning Region IV representatives from the 2019 National Championship Series. After using the first 5 minutes to feel out the opponent Delaware FC turned up the pace and sustained constant pressure and possession in the attacking half of the field. In the 15th minute Allie Krieger was able to draw a PK, that was converted by Izzy Binko. The game would enter the half at 1-0 in favor of DEFC.

Mackenzie would get the 2nd half scoring off to an early start with her first of the day just 4 minutes into the 2nd half.  With great build from the backline, DEFC was able to create a 1v1 with Izzy wide on the left who took on her defender with pace and found the run of Mackenzie in the box for a tap in finish. Mackenzie would not be done yet, 18 minutes into the 2nd half Mackenzie would see her second goal of the day off of a great overlap and cross from LB Gabi Boffa for once again a tap in finish. With stoppage time on the clock DEFC conceded a late goal which would see Arsenal pull one back to make the final score 3-1 in favor of DEFC.

Game 2 Recap

Delaware FC ‘03’s vs. Temecula Valley Hawks (CA-S) (3-0 WIN)

Goal Scorer(s): Corinne Arnold, Caitlin St. Leger, Maddie Schepers

Delaware FC would see Temecula Valley (Defending California South State Champions) in a tightly battled 1st half.  DEFC sustained long spells of possession but could not break down the opponents’ deep backline and strong Goal Keeper play.

Corinne Arnold gave the team the surge of energy needed when she pressured the CB into a turnover and slotted a great 1v1 into the bottom left corner of the goal for a 1-0 lead. With a 1-0 lead Temecula was forced to press a little higher which gave DEFC just enough space to find pockets to play. DEFC would get their second goal off a great free kick served into the box and won at the far post by Caitlin St. Leger. Three minutes later Maddie put the game out of reach with a 30 yard shot that found the top left corner and gave DEFC its second win of the weekend.

Game 3 Recap

Delaware FC ‘03’s vs. OUSC (OR) (1-1 TIE)

Goal Scorer(s): Corinne Arnold

In a game that was played through sustained 20 MPH winds, the elements became a factor for both sides. DEFC would have the wind in their face in the first half and a high press from a talented Oregon side made building from the back difficult early. After settling into the half DEFC started to have longer periods of possession. In the 19th Minute DEFC conceded 1st off of a great counter attack from OUSC. DEFC kept on the front foot and with less than a minute to play in the 1st half Corinne was able to find some space behind the backline and with a fantastic finish found the bottom left corner to tie the game heading into halftime.

The second half with the wind at DEFC’s backs they got off to a fast start created several chances early. With an Oregon side sitting a bit deeper and defending with numbers DEFC saw 7 Corners in the second half, as well as hitting the crossbar 3 times. In a game that didn’t see the ball bounce their way the game would end in a 1-1 draw.

Game 4 Recap

Delaware FC ‘03’s vs. IFC RED (MS) (1-0 WIN)

Goal Scorer(s): OG #33

On the 4th day DEFC would battle a defensively organized IFC from Mississippi. DEFC knew it would take patients to breakdown the lines of defense and in the 22nd minute Izzy crossed the ball into the box and with several players attacking the ball it bounced off a defender and into the net for a 1-0 lead in favor of DEFC. 

The 2nd half was played at a slower pace. With IFC looking to catch DEFC on the counter to tie the game, DEFC slowed the game down and maintained possession for long periods to kill the clock and hold onto a 1-0 win.

USYS National League Recap

DEFC ’03 finished the 1st half of the National league with a 3-0-1 record and 10 points. The team scored 8 goals while conceding only 2 goals against some of the best teams in the country.

“I was pleased with the level of play throughout the entire weekend. The results were fantastic, but the style of play, maintained possession, and the passion to defend was a joy to watch. The girls should be proud of their accomplishments, and are in a great spot to compete for the top spot of the National League in January. With 3 games left to play, 3 wins would see DEFC top the table.  With a first place finish DEFC would claim a spot in the National Championship Series in late July.”
—Kyle Ellis, Delaware FC 2003 Girls Head Coach