Delaware FC Wilmington, an extension of Delaware FC Premier and Hockessin, has the mission of providing soccer for all. Our club is focused on serving the Wilmington, DE soccer community with a great learning atmosphere and fun environment to enjoy the beautiful game.

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We have the process of safely returning to soccer activities. The Guidelines that the Governor has set forth is a measured, gradual, science-based plan to return to normalcy. There are 3 phases and there is a 14-day criteria that must be achieved before a State, Region or in this case, a state-wide sports organization can move from one phase to the next.

Competitive Soccer
 - We have entered phase 2 of return to play protocol.

Things that change in phase 2:
  • Increased group size. Full teams can now begin to train at once. We are still not able to bring more than one team together. No full games or scrimmages
  • Players can begin to play to contact. games and activities should still be in smaller groups. (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, as examples).
  • We will be able to use goalkeepers. GK's must wear gloves. Once a GK is no longer playing as a GK, they should take off gloves and use hand sanitizer to clean hands.
Things that stay the same:
  • Return to play is 100% voluntary
  • Practice waiver and questionnaire must be completed prior to attendance of each practice. Parents must complete form on the day of and just prior to attending each session → Return to Play.
  • Players should still come to and leave from practice wearing a mask
  • Players should practice social distancing whenever possible on and off the field.
  • No one should touch balls with their hand, other than GK's. No throw-ins.... when the ball goes out of play, kick-ins should be used to restart play.
  • No heading
  • No high fives, hugs, etc.
  • No Spitting
  • No sharing of equipment cones, pinnies, shin guards, water bottles, uniforms, etc.

Summer Camps - Summer camps are open. Same player safety guidelines apply, as outlined above for competitive soccer. Additional procedures related to disinfection of facility.